Emwanta Ekenemolise Osifo

Emwanta Ekenemolise Osifo Emwanta Ekenemolise Osifo Emwanta Ekenemolise Osifo

This post was tampared. The lawyer Barr. Emwanta Ekenemolise Osifo asked if I was developing any special product during the attack on April 19, 2022. I told him I cannot share my company’s business operations when the issue does not concern my business. He again claimed that he suspect’s me to be a “computer guru” in May, 2023, when I reengaged him. He and others may be involving in computers and may act with impunity on the basis of being able to hack or tamper information published to expose their criminal acts.

Barr. Emwanta Ekenemolise Osifo is a lawyer from Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria, referred by Lex Divina Solicitors Asaba.

Barr. Emwanta Ekenemolise Osifo received 50,000 Naira on first consultation at Delta State Police Command Asaba alongside other incentives.

Barr. Emwanta Ekenemolise Osifo represented Mouka Emmanuel at Agbor Magistrates Court Alihame, Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria on May 25, 2022. He was requested to compile the facts indicating Mouka Emmanuel to be innocent on further engagement at Agbor Prison. He stated a local lawyer in Agbor would be ideal to compile the evidence which includes photos and reports to police.

Barr. Emwanta Ekenemolise Osifo was reengaged on May 16, 2023, with compiled evidence proving my innocence and non-lialibity for the outrageous claim of murder. He requested  200,000 Naira on May, 16, 2023, which was paid to 2062675868 Emwanta Ekenemolise Osifo, U.B.A Bank, another request for 200,000 Naira was made by Barr. Emwanta Ekenemolise Osifo on May 29, 2023. 250,000 Naira was paid to 2062675868 Emwanta Ekenemolise Osifo, U.B.A Bank. As at May 30, 2023, Barr. Emwanta Ekenemolise Osifo who is a friend to the Police officers I asked he engage for withdrawal of the outrageous murder charge or petition them received a total of 450,000 Naira and has been awol.

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