Hi, I’m Emmanuel.

You may like the effort to hold Lawyers accountable by publicising their wrongdoing but it doesn’t stop there.

Nigeria has a body called LPDC (Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee). LPDC handles complaints against Lawyers in the NBA.

I have experienced the abuse of inmates by Lawyers leading to long term detainment due to being defrauded. Most inmates cannot afford to pay different Lawyers when they’re cheated while incarcerated.

I will setup a company in Lagos, Nigeria and employ a dedicated Lawyer working in person or remotely to forward all complaints from all inmates in Nigeria to the LPDC and publish the complaints and progress at bad-lawyers.com and bar-lawyers.com.

I welcome offers from interested Lawyers but I’ll be paying a salary.

This will lead to many Lawyers being held accountable, ordered to refund monies siphoned or attend to paid cases they abandoned. This is a big thing for inmates who’ve lost hope and can’t complain, sue or petition Lawyers siphoning inmates by reason of they being incacerated.

It’s exciting to do this, like the EFCC, it’s our responsibility to make Nigeria better.

Cheers to a successful implementation.

– Mouka Emmanuel

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