Francis Chukwuma Paul

Francis Chukwuma Paul Francis Chukwuma Paul

Barr. Francis Chukwuma Paul, SCN095916 , is a lawyer from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, referred by Pastor Daf.

Barr. Francis Chukwuma Paul returned a bill of charges on June 23, 2023, charging 3 million Naira for representation, petitions and lawsuits. 2 million Naira was paid on June 25, 2023, to 0153055150 SAINT LAW ALLIANCE Union Bank, through Pastor Daf. (Payslip is on the gallery above)

Barr. Francis Chukwuma Paul visited Agbor prison on July 6, 2023, and made random utterances I consider derogatory. I spoke to Barr. Francis Chukwuma Paul on July 7, 2023, he continued with his derogatory comments which is not unique to him as most mad persons consider it subtle insults. I asked Barr. Francis Chukwuma Paul why he utters derogatory comments, he refused to explain or justify his insults.

I asked Barr. Francis Chukwuma Paul to relieve himself and issue a refund minus the cost of transportation, accomodation, and consultation. I estimate these cost to be no more than 500,000 Naira. He claims he has spent the 2 million for the services I requested which he has not provided. He offers 500,000 Naira refund which is a criminal act constituting theft, amongst verbal assault, deceit, and professional misconduct.

I informed Barr. Francis Chukwuma Paul that I will sue him, report to the Nigerian Bar Association disciplinary committee and take measures including publicity of his wrongdoing if he fails to offer a reasonable refund for services he did not provide.

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